Portable Bars

We have handmade two custom 6ft bars that can be combined to make a 12ft full size bar. Built from reclaimed wood, recycled steel and a few sleepless nights, these can be customised and decorated to suit any occasion.



Ideal for any indoor events, office parties, hen do’s or cocktail classes. The portable bars allow for a more intimate experience as they are able to fit into most spaces, however, they can also act as a second or third bar for larger events meaning we can cater for over 500 guests. Both bars are very versatile and come fully equipped with everything that is required for a busy night!! One bar can cater for around 150 people, depending upon the drink offering.


Shine a light

As well as the portable bars, we hand built a lightbox out of the same reclaimed timber. This, like the bars, can be customised to showcase either your brand, your party, or any message you wish to display.