our showpiece

The Airstream

Meet Wally the custom built mobile bar. Designed on the classic 1958 Airstream, this single hatch bar can servce any food or drink offer from coffee in the mornings to cocktails at night.

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Full bar offer

Craft beer & wine

Bar options a plenty. A bespoke cocktail menu or a fully stocked beer and wine bar? Your choice.

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food partners

Street food

We have built up a great list of friends who partner with us on the food offer. 

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Mobile Bars

Pop-up Bars

We have constructed two custom 6ft bars that can be combined to a 12ft ful size bar for any event. Built from reclaimed wood and recycled steel these can be customised and decorated to suit your occasion.

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hot drinks

Organic coffee 

Locally roasted organic coffee beans for the morning after the night before. Perfect.

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Florist friends

We have teamed up with talented florist Judy Dench; a great addition to any event.

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