The Airstream: A Mobile Bar for Hire

A bar unlike any other. With the ability to serve up to 300 guests, we deliver world-class drinks in a setting of your choice, to suit any occasion and clientele. That sounds pretty good to us!

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Fully Equipped Cocktail Bar on Wheels

The Airstream comes fully fitted with all the luxuries of any modern-day bar. It’s got a fully stocked back bar, three large fridges to keep all the beer and wine cold, a large central ice-well (guaranteeing quick service), two speed rails, a sound system and a large burco holding the hot water for your morning coffee. What else could anyone ask for?


The Perfect Addition to Any Indoor or Outdoor Event

The perfect mobile bar for weddings, festivals, markets and any space large enough for us to get through, the Airstream can act as the centre point for your event. Or it can simply be a wonderful addition to your other entertainment. We come fully prepared with shakers at the ready, fridges packed with beer and corkscrews in hand!!